Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nick, if you were Chancellor what would you cut?

Today's  the TUC's "All together for public services" rally kicked off with a vocal address's from trade union leaders including Brendan Barber whom I  interviewed. Members from the TUC, UNITE, and UNISON all took to the stage to inform trade union members that there is an alternative to the cuts. Tony Woodley, head of UNITE launched an attack on the private sector venting his anger towards the bankers.

But what do you think? Isn't this all a bit too leftist or do you think the cuts will actually reduce the deficit? 

The video above is just a preview of a short film I'm making on the cuts, and how they'll be affecting us. Please leave your comments below on how you think tomorrow's comprehensive spending review will affect the country. If you were Chancellor what would you cut? Given what you know now would you have voted differently in May?

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